This evening I spent a few hours listening over a mound of old recorded songs that never left my guarded archive, which, in turn, inspired me to attempt strumming them for old time sake. It’s amazing to me how many memories are attached to music, and how music has the incredible ability to transport you […]

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Finishing 2017 and Looking Ahead

  Finishing 2017 and wondering where it went. No question, I have learned more about my place in this world than any year prior – yet there is a real sense of more ahead. I’ve been contemplating what this website really exists for, and mostly, what role music will play in my future going forward. […]

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A Creative Journey

Another new website. Essentially another placeholder for a project I truly long to complete in the near future. Many new songs are in the queue, and many new ideas come and go – the best ones, I like to think, stick around. One thing is for certain: I want to share this creative journey as […]

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